Sunday, April 01, 2007

Physical measurements of Web 2.0

There's a great piece on Moo from
"If you ever wondered, the physical measurements of Web 2.0 are 28 by 70 millimeters.

It happens that those are the measurements of Moo cards, a new take on the centuries-old business card that's becoming the "secret handshake" of the Web 2.0 set."
Moo has really started to motor with partnerships with some of the coolest barnds on the web like Flickr, Bebo, Second Life and Habbo - plus this week the web's photosharing leviathan, Fotolog has joined the ranks.

You can even now start uploading your own designs to put onto your MiniCards.

People are passionate about Moo and as it catches on among the digerati its fans are finding new ways to express themselves using the super cool cards.

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