Sunday, August 17, 2008

Seedcamp application zeitgeist

Fabulous tagcloud analysis of Seedcamp applications from our esteemed fellow, Mr Orland :) Check it out and good luck to everyone who applied...

We thought it might be interesting to take the several hundred applications we received and look for some aggregate patterns, so I grabbed the answers to some of the more relevant questions and (after a little sed manipulation to strip HTML and make sure no confidential application info slipped through) fed them to Jonathan Feinberg's excellent Wordle. The results are below. It's a little dirty (e.g. I wish "open" and "source" were one phrase) but even without too much manual polish it should be a good indicator. Enjoy - and be sure to click through for the full size images.Morland, seedcamp: 2008 application zeitgeist, Aug 2008

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