Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moo gets sticky

The team at Moo just can't help coming out with cool stuff. For what seems to be a simple printing company, they have one of the most fanatical followings on the web and a blog which is in the Top 1k on Technorati.

Today, they released their much anticipated third product - StickerBooks.

In true Moo fashion, the product is all about:
  • personal choice -- you can choose 90 different stickers on 15 tear-out sheets
  • quality -- stickers are high-quality gloss, scratchproof vinyl stickers
  • design -- your choice of 6 differently styled beautiful sticker books
Moo are also going to the next level in terms of excellent content with this release.

Now you can choose ReadyMade content some very cool designers and illustrators, in addition to being able to use your Flickr, Habbo, Bebo, Vox, Fotolog or Live Journal content for your MiniCards, NoteCards or StickerBooks.

Well done to the team, hope the party is awesome in London tonight - it certainly seems from Upcoming that there's much excitement.

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