Sunday, May 20, 2007

OpenCoffee London closes in on Vampires

It's been great to see OpenCoffee spread to over 35 locations across the world in the last 3 months since we first started off in London.

Europe is starting to be covered and in the last week, we've seen the boundaries extend to include Tel Aviv and Slovenia coming online this week, along with our first entries in Italy and Germany.

In recent weeks we've also heard about Sydney, Cape Town and Toronto really taking off. While there are new OpenCoffee's opening almost every week in the US with new locations now in Austin, Memphis and North Virginia.

We're now up to 525 members for our London group on Meetup, which I'm happy to say puts us in the Top 20 groups for London. That is until I realized we're still 2 people behind the London Vampires group.

Come on London, let's get ahead of the Vampires (527) - next up the much tougher challneges of Biking & Adventure Hiking (620), and maybe one day Poker (937).

Maybe we'll have passed the Vampires by the time you read this :)

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