Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Video Island announces 10m rental in the UK

Some great stats today from Video Island

- Over 50% of all visits to online DVD rental services are to services powered by Video Island. Closest rivals trail by 30%. [Hitwise, Sept 05]
- Ships over 1m rentals per month - equal to over 400 high street rental stores
- Ships more than 23,000 unique titles every day
- Delivers over 45 times more unique films per week than transmitted by broadcaster Sky Digital
- Ships over 2 DVDs a second, which equates to about 80 Gbits of data, or about the same size as LINX, the London Internet Exchange, which handles most of the UK's internet traffic
- Video Island's customer service track record was recognised when it became a finalist for the prestigious National Customer Service Awards 2005


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