Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Skype Showing Newfound Acceptance for Business Use

70% of panelists who used Skype in the last six months found the VoIP service acceptable for business calls.

"While these results may be astounding to some, they are a strong indication that Skype is routinely delivering excellent VoIP service and helping to drive acceptance of VoIP in the business community," said Andy Nilssen, Senior Analyst and Partner, Wainhouse Research. "While we're not likely to see enterprises adopt Skype per se, Skype will lead to VoIP adoption among both enterprise and small-medium business markets sooner rather than later."

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Video Island announces 10m rental in the UK

Some great stats today from Video Island

- Over 50% of all visits to online DVD rental services are to services powered by Video Island. Closest rivals trail by 30%. [Hitwise, Sept 05]
- Ships over 1m rentals per month - equal to over 400 high street rental stores
- Ships more than 23,000 unique titles every day
- Delivers over 45 times more unique films per week than transmitted by broadcaster Sky Digital
- Ships over 2 DVDs a second, which equates to about 80 Gbits of data, or about the same size as LINX, the London Internet Exchange, which handles most of the UK's internet traffic
- Video Island's customer service track record was recognised when it became a finalist for the prestigious National Customer Service Awards 2005