Wednesday, September 21, 2005

ipevo's cool $15.99 skype phones

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IPEVO is a spin-off of PChome Online, Skype’s partners in Taiwan. They have been testing the market for this category of devices for quite a while and have now expanded their device operations into a separate brand ready to be launched in the US.

Blooks are here to stay

The word leaves a lot to be desired, but....

So it begins with There is no doubt that there will be a real revolution in narrative development and writing as more people get into the mode of using blogs to write.

Could have been started in April 2004 by Brian Micklethwait, though it looks like Wikipedia is giving credit to Tom Evslin (or at least the editor of that page is!).

Nice to know that Google (as of 21 Sept, 2005) still thinks blook is a mispelling - the sage doesn't not everything yet :)

Watch out for more of these in the coming months as more writers latch on to the potential for blogs to develop multiple plot-lines, characters and fictions.

A great example of this is also Perplexcity.

Monday, September 12, 2005

eBay Skype deal

There is no shortage of coverage for today's news.

For our see Share Skype and for the analyst's call about the "power of three".

Video Island acquires Brafilm, the Nordic’s largest player

Video Island, the UK's leading online DVD rental service today announced that it is acquiring Brafilm, the largest player in Scandinavia. Through the acquisition Video Island secures the No.1 position in three markets - UK, Sweden and Norway – extending its lead as the biggest online DVD rental business in Europe.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Joining Skype

Now it's official on the web - with an excellent team in place at Video Island and a fabulous new CEO, I'm moving on and joining the team at Skype to help drive their marketing.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Skype goes mobile

TIME Europe Magazine: The Mobile Snatchers -- Sep. 12, 2005:

"At handset maker Motorola, chief strategy officer Richard Nottenberg echoes Nokia's views, and pledges that Motorola will next year introduce a "significant" number of wi-fi phones. Indeed, Motorola has made a deal with the company that many phone firms associate with the Devil; its mix of products next year is expected to include a phone loaded with software from Luxembourg-based VoIP firm Skype, whose users can make free VoIP calls to each other."

"Germany's third largest operator, E-Plus, last week said that it will include Skype software as part of its flat-rate €40-per-month data-card subscription for use on laptops, starting in October."