Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mind blowing web application from the Bezos factory

There is very little doubt that the web is becoming more interesting by the second and the last few years have seen something of a renaissance with killer applications like:
plus the continued stellar execution of Google's ever growing array of cool services but's entry into Yellow Pages this week is truly awesome in how it reinvents the yellow page concept, integrating imagery, maps and response (click-to-call) into a beautiful, superbly integrated shopping interface.

Not only can you find places simply and easily (price of entry) but the stakes have been raised by the ability to "Walk the Block" in images - I'm blow away by the novelty of this extension of their shopping platform into the physical world, bravo Mr Bezos and the team behnd this.


That's my old neighborhood in New York, follow the links and you can walk around the places around it, god help us when they can do this all over the world.


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