Thursday, November 07, 2002

World's greatest advertising?

There's certainly a lot out there, even given the dire predictions of no advertising recovery until 2004....lucky we have a few years to get things right!!!

London agency stalwart, WCRS, has started to crawl the web for ideas- drawing liberally for their tic-tacs commercial - until the web struck back and protected its innovation...

And if you believe a fraction of Minority Reports' vision of a world in 2054 of retinal passport's personalizing your experience of media and ID Services wherever you walk we're only just starting to understand the impact of digital identity meeting business and government....

[ a chance interestingly leveraged for fictional long-term positioning by an ecletic mix of brands including Bulgari, Pepsi, Gap, Nokia, Lexus etc and a chance for smart product placement $$$s for the very current and real SKG]

So what do you make of this motley selection of approaches?

There's a lot to choose from out there - and we haven't even scratched the surface of CRMers, spin-doctors, sales promoters, viral marketers, outdoor specialists, sponsorship gurus, media planners, sports marketers, corporate communicators, cluetrain manifestors, permission marketers, relationship marketers, strategic marketers etc etc...


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