Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Latest version of Skype available in beta

Check out the latest version of Skype, packed full of some cool new features, including:
  • Easy Dialing – instead of having to remember specific country codes, easily call landlines or cell phones worldwide by selecting the country of choice from a dropdown menu.
  • Payments in Skype – payment is now built into the Skype software, making it simpler to buy Skype credit, SkypeOut minutes, ringtones from artists like Madonna and more.
  • Send Short Message Service (SMS) Messages – send a one-way SMS message to any mobile phone number in the world by selecting a SkypeOut contact, entering a mobile phone number or selecting a Skype contact’s mobile phone number in their profile.
  • View Outlook Contacts – quickly view Outlook contacts in Skype and call directly using SkypeOut, a call from Skype to traditional landlines or cell phones.
  • Improved Conference Calling – instantly see who is talking on a conference call as the participant’s picture flashes when they begin to speak.
  • Shared Contact Groups – easily share contacts with friends and family and help them connect with other people; bring groups together with just one click of a button to start a group chat or conference call.
  • Simplified Registration – create Skype accounts in one simple step.
  • Automatic Updates – receive an automatic prompt to download the latest Skype software any time the product is upgraded.
  • Call Quality Management – lets users adjust and manage their computer environment and internet connection to ensure they have the best possible call quality.


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