Thursday, May 28, 2009

No blogging for ages

Twitter has made me very lazy when it comes to my blog, even lazier than before - hard I know.

So in no particular order here's a few random things/posts/businesses in the making which have been on my mind:
  • The Value of Live, Real-Time Web and Twitter
  • Socially Constructed Services
  • Smart Energy
  • Beyond the Banner & Social Advertising - what happens when $20bn industry implodes
  • Disruptive Consumer Financial Services for the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Places to innovate in Education
  • The inescapable weight of the cost structures of Traditional Media
  • Transparency & Provenance in all things, but especially food
  • Successful blends (people, companies, countries) of Creative/Business/Technology
  • Company building and relay races
  • Seedcamp 2.0
  • Micro-seed/Seed/Early-stage investment models
And of course, my wonderful family.... :)

Anything else I should be thinking about? Who should I be talking to on the points above? Any of them you think are worth major focus....

Is anyone still reading this?

See you at via Tweetdeck of course :)
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At 5/28/2009 01:32:00 pm, Blogger Andy Weissman said...

I still read it. And, obviously, interested in many if not all of these things too. :)

At 5/28/2009 01:32:00 pm, Anonymous Georgi said...

I read it, and I'm especially interested at least in the last three points from the list :)

At 5/28/2009 01:40:00 pm, Blogger Saul said...

thx guys

@andy - good to know ;)

@georgi - interested to hear more about your thinking here

At 5/28/2009 03:45:00 pm, Anonymous Christopher Scollo said...

For weeks I've been asking around to see if anyone can explain the value (or perceived value) of real-time search.
Except for breaking news, which is already very easy to come by, I've gotten no satisfactory answers. Surprising how much is being invested in this capability.

My focus du jour is on the explosive growth of mobile-native apps, which probably have a few great years ahead before the browser-based mobile web inevitably encroaches on the market.

Also thinking about transition towns. Are there tech and digital media implications? Changes to logistics and supply-chain management? Social marketplaces?

At 5/28/2009 08:26:00 pm, Blogger Paul Perry said...

I read this blog all the time! Where is my daily feed of delicious links? :-)

At 5/29/2009 11:28:00 am, Blogger Saul said...

@picklejar - been doing less with delicious now using more

At 6/21/2009 01:05:00 pm, Anonymous Ryan Haugarth said...

Hi Saul, Would love to chat with you about our project which aims to create a social / community based marketplace applied to a high-end food vertical. Echoing some of your comments... we want to leverage transparency and social media to help the long-tail gourmet food & drink "artisan" segment promote themselves & distribute directly online. Just launched beta phase 1 this month to start building up the supply side of the market.

At 7/03/2009 10:50:00 pm, Anonymous Georgi said...

@saul - definitely have some thoughts to share and/or discuss here, thank you for the invitation. They will finally come in a few days as my schedule was pretty hot these weeks... and I'm too "long-writer" person to just drop a line :)

At 7/27/2009 11:02:00 am, Blogger sridhartest said...

hi saul. further to your list, i am an academic very interested in tech innovation in higher education. I've been to a couple of conferences on future of academic publishing, working within UCL getting academics aware about latest tech tools, and in proof of concept stage of a tech start up aiming to provide the latest personal organization and research tools to every academic and student in the world for free. I'm quite passionate about it and keen to talk others about tech and global higher education. Please get in touch. Sridhar

At 9/08/2010 11:16:00 am, Blogger Unknown said...

We should also be thinking about: "Profit and Purpose" [i.e. #CompassionateCapitalism and #TheImportanceOfBeingAMensch] ;)

At 9/08/2010 01:01:00 pm, Blogger Sam Sethi said...

@saul an interesting and thought provoking list; inside the mind of a VC.

There are three things that I'm interested in currently.

1. Filtering of realtime data with rules.
Realtime datastreams add to the noise and makes it impossible for anyone to keep update with the realtime web. Companies like SuperFeedr and DataSift with PuSH + Track enable people to filter the relevant information.

2. From Like to Point Rewards for our attention.
Facebook Credits aka Zuckerbucks, Zynga points and Apples credits will soon reward us for our attention.

Clicking on a "like" is a micro recommendation to our social graph but people will soon become bored of doing this. Like's will become more like Spam in our friends streams. But what if these companies work out that to mine our attention and sustain our participation they will need to reward us with points that can be redeemed for goods or services.

3. Presence
Finally 4 years ago I coined the term iPALS - identity, presence, attention, location and services. Most of these, a expected, have finally come to bear, apart from Presence.

With a combination of filters and rules we will less fearful of turning of the web/realtime stream and being more present in the moment.

So instead of me checking my iPhone for updates, I could set my presence to busy or away and the service could holdback my stream and when I went back online only the priority information reaches me.

Skype, iChat and Gmail already have a presence functionality, this functionality needs to spread to mobile i.e - presence setting accept no calls or tweets but accept push notifications from my family.

So just a few of the things that keep my mind whirring.


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