Thursday, May 28, 2009

No blogging for ages

Twitter has made me very lazy when it comes to my blog, even lazier than before - hard I know.

So in no particular order here's a few random things/posts/businesses in the making which have been on my mind:
  • The Value of Live, Real-Time Web and Twitter
  • Socially Constructed Services
  • Smart Energy
  • Beyond the Banner & Social Advertising - what happens when $20bn industry implodes
  • Disruptive Consumer Financial Services for the Bottom of the Pyramid
  • Places to innovate in Education
  • The inescapable weight of the cost structures of Traditional Media
  • Transparency & Provenance in all things, but especially food
  • Successful blends (people, companies, countries) of Creative/Business/Technology
  • Company building and relay races
  • Seedcamp 2.0
  • Micro-seed/Seed/Early-stage investment models
And of course, my wonderful family.... :)

Anything else I should be thinking about? Who should I be talking to on the points above? Any of them you think are worth major focus....

Is anyone still reading this?

See you at via Tweetdeck of course :)
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