Sunday, February 04, 2007

Geni is really amazing

Ok, so once every few years a killer application comes along which makes you think within the first few minutes of using it - "why didn't I think of that?"

Although we've seen variations of this theme before with GenesReunited having some success in the UK, Geni, is an incredibly addictive and viral service which has the potential to back into Facebook, LinkedIn and Amazon WishList territory - at least.

It was launched in the last few weeks by David Sacks (formerly of PayPal) and funded by Founders Fund (formerly of PayPal) is one of these.

An hour later I was still happily entering information about me, my family and our relatives -- beautiful, they get you to do the data entry and you love it :)

Congratulations to the team behind this, although there are some bugs and clearly a wealth of new features which will be coming along, this is a great start. So good in fact, it seems the servers were in meltdown in week one.

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