Friday, December 23, 2005

Share Skype: Carol-oke hits the streets of New York

Skype carolers cheer up people in NYC on the day of the mass-transit strike.

coldplay competition on skype

Originally uploaded by cape.

The first major worldwide entertainment promotion on Skype - the name of the song ("Talk") fits perfectly ("the whole world can talk for free") and it's a great showcase for Skype VoiceMail. We love the band as well :)

Also noted by Business Week

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Index invests in Mind Candy

"Mind Candy, a development house that operates a game called 'Perplex City,' said it received the funds from Index Ventures, an investor in Skype and other technology companies.

Mind Candy will use the funds to expand the scope of its current game, said Michael Smith, chief executive officer of the company. Index, led by firm partner Danny Rimer, had previously invested $1.5 million as a seed round in the company."

Review: Assessing Skype's network impact

New independent review on Skype's security on corporate networks.

"Our testing shows that neither Skype VoIP nor Skype Instant Messaging poses any readily exploitable security threat. We also conducted a dozen private interviews with hackers, enterprise network managers and leading network-security-equipment suppliers, none of which could cite one case of Skype being exploited for insidious security assaults."

For more info see

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Larry Magid podcast on Skype

A good overview of Skype, recorded in Larry's great home office with a cup of tea.

He's a great guy, a legendary technology journalist and a real pro.