Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Perplexcity cards go on sale

from Firebox....

We can guarantee you've never seen anything quite like Perplex City before. The Matrix meets Alice in Wonderland meets The Da Vinci Code in one of the most unusual concepts we've ever seen at Firebox. Is it a game? Is it a story? Is it a series of interlinked puzzles spanning mysterious websites, cryptic phone calls, stray emails, hidden messages and live events in random cities around the world? We're not entirely sure but we're looking forward to finding out. So what will it be - the blue pill or the red pill? If you value your sanity and free-time we suggest you take the easy way out.

Perplex City Red Pill? Good choice. You've arrived early though. So early in fact that our stock allocation from Perplex City has yet to materialise. We've been informed by Sente that the cards will be made available through nine stores in nine different cities around the world sometime in July 2005. It is our understanding that Firebox will receive stock at or around this time as well. Sente expresses his sincere apologies for this extended delay but assures us that every effort is being taken in Perplex City to expedite production.

The upside is that if you pre-order now you'll ensure a high position on the waiting list. It'll also give you time to get up to speed with the developments so far.

Getting ready for Perplexcity

Perplex City Plays Its Cards Right and the buzz is building as cards start to go on sale at Firebox

Video Island appoints new CEO

We announced today that Simon Calver is taking over from me as CEO at Video Island.

After a six month search, we found a real superstar with a fabulous mix of consumer, e-commerce, operational and international experience to take the business to the next level.

We all couldn't be more thrilled.

Friday, July 08, 2005

amazing break in istanbul

sauldan in istanbul
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only 3.5 hours from london and you're at the place where east meets west, it's an amazing city = we can't wait to go back